2 Weeks Post-Op

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Goodmorning !!
My name is Deedee...I am a 43 year old mother of a 4 and 5 year old and married to the greatest man on earth (atleast to me :)). I had a bi-lateral mastectomy with a tram flap reconstruction...I had 6 drainage tubes and now i'm down to 1...Yeeee Haw !!! When they went in for the Sentinal Node Biopsy they did find cancer in one of my lympnodes so I will be going through Chemo here soon...no biggie I can handle just about anything after this surgery and I always wondered what I would look like bald...LOL !!! My sister is a survivor of 9 years so I have an amazing support unit in her AND my family and friends. GOD is so good.
I have a question and would love some feedback...it's not about my cancer though. I was unable to get medical disability through my work because I didn't work enough hours so we are down to one income and are heading towards very rocky shores (mortgage, bills, etc). I wanted to know if, as a breast cancer patient, am I eligible to file for disabiltiy through the state? If not, is there some organization that would be able to provide some sort of financial support for us until I get back on my feet again? I'm starting Chemo in 2 to 3 weeks and I would like to start back to work but I honestly don't know how that will go. I'm just looking for some advice. I appreciate you all and I look forward to hearing from you.


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    I was on...
    SSI disability after 3 cancer diagnoses and being abandoned by hubby (currently known as ex-hubby).
    You can apply. The thing is, there are limits as to the amount of assets you have in your name. You may have to get your name off of the second family car, for instance. And perhaps bank accounts. You will also be evaluated as to the severity of your disability.
    It is certainly worth a shot. And you can re-apply if you are turned down the first time. Just find out the requirements in your state and adjust your assets accordingly before you apply. Might save you some of the hassle in the long run.
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    ACS help

    You might want to contact the American Cancer Society and ask them if they know how you could get some assistance. I'm sure if they can't help you they could at least steer you in the right direction of someone who could.

    Good luck!