Good Luck Donna70 and Wild Goose it will soon be over

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My husband and I just wanted to wish you both good luck starting tomorrow. If I can help or you have any questions please let me know.

I wish you both the best while doing the chemo/radiation treatment. GOD BLESS to you both

hugs and prayers

Lori aka Moe


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  • Donna70
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    unknown said:

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    thanks for the good wishes!!
    Thanks for the good wishes and encouragement, leaving soon for the hospital. It has helped a lot to see what you all have gone thru and come out of, so hoping that I will be writing the same in a couple of months. It means so much to know people get thru all this. Will write when I get back hopefully on Sunday!!
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    unknown said:

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    Thanks for letting me sell my BIG GIRL PANTIES!!!! I hope I become well known for those, and if Jeff is sewing on the lace, that is going to be hilarious, cause he don't even know how to sew on a button, let alone lace. I am so glad I have been able to make people laugh and bring it up in their conversations, I know I have enjoyed your articles on me selling and sewing them, to different people, I laugh because that just makes it nice. ha ha yes one size fits all along with MOE"S shoes, but I think MUMPHY is getting ready to use those in the next few days. I guess I started my own business with everything, glad I could help everyone out and share everything.

    Please keep the sayings coming. For a man that scared the CRAP out of me I sure have come to like him and praise him for everything he taught me. For Loretta oh my I love the cards I could sure use one right now.

    Here is my license for selling my stuff on line: BGPFS !!!!!!!!!!! HAVE FUN WITH IT

    Love to you all
    Lori aka MOE

    good luck donna70 and wild goose