My dad has AML

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My dadwas dianosed with AML last Thursday and they started his Chemo that night and he will get treatments for 7 days straight. Does anyone know if it is normal for them to start chemo so fast? When he was admitted into the hospital his hemb. was at 4 and 10 is normal. Did anyone else with AML have such a low blood count?
Another question.. my dad worked 7 days a week in a plastic factory and we think he was exposed to benzene there. Has anyone thought their exposeure to benzene caused their AML?
My sisters and I are just very confused because this has started so fast and we don't know mmuch about AML so any help would be appeciated.



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    I went thru the exact same thing with my dad. Yes it is normal for them to start chemo right away, because it can spread very quickly. My dad found out he had Leukemia Thur. b4 Memorial Day and checked himself in the hospital to start his 7 day treatment on Tue. after mem. day. The doctors told him if he didnt his prognosis was 6 weeks bcuz it spreads fast.His #s were at 0. It is now Labor Day and his Leukemia is in remission at the moment and we are in the process of finding a match for a bone marrow transplant to ensure that the cancer does not return. My dad went thru the 7 day chem very well. He was in the hospital for 2 months though. Then chem for 5 days and home for 3 wks and so on.Until a match is found. our biggest fear is infection bcuz the chemo wipes out your immune system. so catching a cold is a big risk. If you don't mind me asking.. How old is your dad?? And I wish him and your family the best of luck and if you have any questions thru this process you can e-mail me at
    The most important thing for you and your family is to give give the most support you possibly can. Family support and encouragemen is the best thing u can give your dad right now.
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    My dad was diagnosed with
    My dad was diagnosed with AML on oct 23 2008 at the age of 56. He had to go through 2 set of chemotherapy and 1 intense chemotherapy. After his blood counts dropped to almost 0, he had a autologous stem cell transplant. Meaning they harvested his own stem cells and were given to him after the last chemo.

    Actually my dad was put on this machine to remove some of his white cells first. His white bloodcell counts were so high that the doctors didn't belive the chemo will be effective. Our family doctor misdiagnosed my father and almost killed him that is the reason why his whiteblood cells were extremely high.

    He is now in remission and on the road for revoery. The past year was the hardest thing I went through in my life, and we are taking it day by day. I understand what your going through and if you need any word of encouragement or any questions feel free to email me