Cyber-Knife/ LINAC

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Has anyone had experience with the Cyber-Knife or LINAC radiation therapy. I have a growing tumor (Medullary Thyroid cancer) between my left eye, sinus cavity and my left ear. Surgery was attempted to remove the tumor but it's proximity to a major carotid artery was too dangerous to remove it. LINAC is the type used at the U of Mich hospital in Ann Arbor. My treatments there have been a positive experience. I'd like some info on prep,length and number of treatments, pain, etc. Any info would be helpful. Thanks Tom


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    Hi Tom,

    My husband had 5 sessions of cyberknife to his sinus cavity area, by his left eye. The treatments were approximately 1 hour long, each session, and the side effects were minimal compared to the standard radiation therapy treatments he had previously. Unfortuntely for my husband it didn't remove the tumor completely, as it has since grown back, just moving towards his eye, where as before it was primarily in the sinus cavity. If it is an option for you though I would recommend looking into it. Anything is worth a shot right?

    Good Luck!