Reading this first could reduce your initial anxiety

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Gentlemen and ladies: These discussion boards are, by far, the most comforting, credible and comprehensive prostate cancer sources available, in my experience. However, the September/October 2009 issue of AARP THE MAGAZINE contains a superb introductory article, again in my opinion, targeting those men just beginning the surviving prostate cancer process. This is an easily digestible article which begins on page 34. It appears current, is in a readily accessible magazine, folks can hold it in their hands, and the info can prepare a man for the plethora of info he will see on the discussion boards.Knowledge of the content of the current AARP MAGAZINE prostate cancer article would have allayed many of my early fears and consternation. Thanks to all who post and share info. I believe yes, the process for all men is specifically different; however, all men do undergo many of the same experiences. Learning about these common experiences is the calming, comforting precursor to individual processes which are different - but still similar!