VATS went well

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Hi everyone! I'm back to the posting board. VATS went well for me last tuesday. The doctor went in for 3 nodules, but saw a 4th when she got in there, so of course she removed it as well. She believes to have obtained clear margins so I was glad to hear that. I was supposed to come home the next day, but ended up having to stay until yesterday for extreme nausea and vomitting. Turns out the xrays showed my bowels had impacted up to my chest. So basically, I was full of poop! Unfortunately, I couldn't keep anything down so trying to take a laxative was difficult. But just before the dreaded enema...SUCCESS from the citrate mag! Anyway, once I started passing stool...I was a ok! Anyone else ever experience that? Oh well, on to the onc next week to map out the new plan. Fight on, family...fight on!!



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    I've been told I was full of SH1T on more than one occasion.
    I've had obstructions that caused a backup of stomach fluids and the dreaded NG tube through the nose, etc.
    Glad you're out and it sounds like all went well
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    Welcome Home, Sheri
    Hi Sheri

    I'm so glad everything went well as planned - well other than the "backup." Sounds like VATS was just the ticket.

    I'll be meeting with the thorasic surgeon this week or next to go over my surgery. You've already read my post, so you now know the answer to what I've been chasing.

    VATS may be in my future too - I think I'd prefer that over a thoractomy - but the surgeon will need to meet with me so I can find out what the surgery plan is.

    I told you I was right behind - turns out a month or more - but I'm always a late arrival.

    So glad to see you again - we missed you.

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    glad to hear from you
    Hi Sheri,

    I'm glad to hear from you, as I'd been wondering about how you did with the surgery. Glad to hear they got clear margins and things went well with that. Finding the 4th tumor and removing it during surgery is why surgery can be a better option that just radiation, I guess. I had the same thing happen in my liver surgery a while back- thought they were going in for three & came out with six removed tumors.

    So sorry you had such a lousy time with the backup, vomiting, etc. Sounds like you are on the mend now. Take it easy and I will continue my prayers.

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    Oh, yes
    Oh, yes. I've had that experience on many occasions. Actually I end up either goint to the doctor's office or the ER every several months or so, and they always say I'm backed up all the way. Fun times! Morphine's about the only thing that will cut the pain when I get that way.

    I'm glad the VATS went well, though!

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    Sorry to hear you had to
    Sorry to hear you had to stay a little longer than planned. Sounds like your surgery went well. Glad to hear that... Take it easy and get lots of rest. Take care.