4 days

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Well in 4 days I will be having my surgery. I am concerened about the after effects, especially the incontance. But I look at it as I want the cancer out of my body, and I will do everything possible to help myself. I have been doing the excerises for the last 2 week, and will keep on doing them. I have faith in my dr. and have the support of a great family, especially my wife. I want to thank all of you, this site is special. I will keep you all posted on the sugery, and the recovery, again thank you all.


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    Good luck to you.
    Take care and follow your doctors orders.
    God Bless.
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    Good luck
    My days in the future but good luck to you and I agree 100% about the after effects but I also feel we have no choice cancer has to be removed,doesnt it. I will keep you in my prayers ....Nick