Post surgery burning/pain while urinating

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I continue to work my way through the first ten days following da Vinci surgery. Did any of you experience some pain and/or burning each time you urinated? Likewise, did you experience an ache in the pubic area or mild burning in the penis? I have felt this since catheter removal four days ago. For the first few days I did better if I urinated about every two and a half hours. Last night while sleeping it was about three and a half hours and then I woke up with substantial pain. I was wondering about a urinary infection although I was given an antibiotic for three days after catheter removal. I would like to hear your experience. Many thanks.


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    Hi Bill
    I started a post on "Pain when urinating and in the rectal/perineal area. Your experience please."
    It will tell you what I have gone through.
    I am great now, just have to do the self dilation's for several weeks.
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    Should be getting better, less pain, more tolerable
    Hey Bill,

    I too had similar pain, burning, discomfort but after @two weeks, it subsided and eventually no pain or burning.
    I now sleep through the night and dry. For a while I woke up once or twice a night with an ache in my groin that went away after urinating.
    Don't give up.

    Jim (shubbysr)