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For those of you going through radiation ... I've run across a couple of things that might help out with the burning/itching discomfort.

The BEST thing I've found that works for the burning and itching is straight aloe. You can get it at the drug store ... and be sure it the clear gel kind ... not with lotion, or scents, or dye. My radiation oncologist told me it was fine to use ... and I've found that it works better than cortizone, biofine or anything else (especially on the "open" spots). It also is NOT thick and greasy like some of that other stuff. Aloe goes on smooth and soaks in pretty fast.

The other thing I've "discovered" is Johnson's foaming baby wash. Not sure if that is the exact name or not ... but ... it's wonderful on those red boobs. No scent, alcohol etc. ... but very soft foam that goes on sooooo smooooth and feels soooooo good!

Of course you should check with you radiologist to be sure they are OK for you to use ... and if so ... you might give aloe and the baby foam stuff a try.



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    I agree!
    I used aloe vera gel from the very first day, and it was great! It's essential to find something without fragrance, dye, or alcohol and that was a little tricky, but I did find it. Used it 3x a day for most of the time (33 treatments) and I still use it after showering in the morning, and sometimes at bedtime - this is almost 3 weeks after treatment ended. Wish I'd known about the foaming baby wash - sounds very soothing. I used the white Dove bar soap, no fragrance again.
    And I had a problem with my nipple after about 3 weeks. Rad dr suggested getting some lanolin in the baby/nursing department. It was messy and sticky so I had to put a small gauze pad over it to keep from messing up my clothes, but it did help.

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    Thanks Teena
    I just started week 3 for my rads and have not used anything yet. I will keep this in mind. (:-) Pammy