Out Of Surgery II, Days 4-6

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(note: I have my first post-robotic surgery report on the forum dated 7/29). Well, days 3-6 (Thursday through Saturday) have been about both less and more discomfort for me. The shoulder nerve pain I wrote about seems resolved as does the healing pain in three-quarters of my incision sites. I still have a deeper pain in my right lower quadrant . There are no surface signs of infection around the incisions. I look forward to my first return visit to the surgeon on Tuesday. During that time the catheter will be removed, I should get the pathology report and there will be time to discuss soreness and progress. I thought I’d be more mobile by now and not being so, it is a little discouraging. I have set up several areas around the house. There is a chair on the patio – the view of the gardens, fresh air and warmth of the sun help. I sleep in the guest room so I can wake and sleep as I want without disturbing my wife. It’s been hard sleeping on my back with the night urine bag suspended over the bed side. I also have a rocking chair in our TV room with a remote close by. Sometimes I’ll catch a movie during the night or day. It’s good to have different places to go to so as not to get too bored or stiff. I walk around the house frequently. Painkillers (mine Vicodin) have their plusses and minuses. They are important initially for relaxation, pain control and healing. Areas constricted by pain have a harder time healing. Narcotics however are constipating and it’s a good idea to take a stool softener, natural laxatives such as prune juice and fiber like fruit, whole grain and nuts. You don’t want to strain with a bowel movement (I had my first on Thursday and second on Friday). I now use Tyenol during the day and one Vicodin at night. The catheter wasn’t any problem for the first five days but today I feel every little pressure against it. Not really sore but I know it’s there. I have worn soft knee-length pajamas or large nylon gym shorts all week without underwear. I continue to wear the special knee socks the hospital provided. These circulate the blood when you are sitting or lying for long periods of time. I also have moved from the small day urine bag to the larger night one full time (since I am not going out it doesn’t matter). It can easily be carried in a lightweight nylon daypack low near the ground as needed. I found out I didn’t have much of an appetite this week but eat regular balanced meals (though smaller) to keep energy and healing moving forward. Supplemental products like Boost provide an extra source of calories and protein. I have been fortunate not to have sneezed, coughed, or needed to blow my nose this week. I dab at my nose with a tissue when needed. Well this has been days 3-6. They go slow but I keep my eye on the future. Questions?
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    Thanks for your honest and very detailed updates. I am going to have the surgery sometime soon (dont know when yet). Your posts have been extremely helpful and I for one thank you for your direct approach. I will pray for you and hope all turns out as you are praying and also good luck...Nick
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    You will hear this often . . .

    You are doing GREAT! I know it may not feel or seem that way but, you are. You had MAJOR surgery! I know you are patient and will continue to progress to a complete recovery.
    Congratulations on a successful surgery and recovery.
    Keep us posted.

    jim (shubbysr)