I feel almost normal this week

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Just wanted to write something positive for a change. I dont post comments often but they always seem so negative. I have been so anxious and depressed over the past month and last week I really thought I was going to lose it. I am back to work as a homecare nurse about 20 to 30 hours per week, still have 6 more chemo treatments every 2 wks to go, wasnt sleeping, exhausted. I called my internist and he took me off the lorazepam and put me on xanax and I am actually sleeping, can work, exercise and in general feel almost like myself again. I did cut my hours back at work a little which gives me time to bike at night, walk the dog and be with my family.
I dont know how long it will last but I will take any peace I can get and I am so relieved to be able to smile for the first time in a month and just had to tell someone.

Thanks for being there

Linda T


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    Linda T
    Good for you.....Nice to hear from you and smile all you can! You are doing good! Hugs Jxxxxxxxxxxx
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    Well, it is so nice that you
    Well, it is so nice that you are feeling better~ aside from the chemo, it is wonderful that you are taking other positive steps to feel better. Good for you~ and please, don't hold back from posting what you think might be negative things. They are real feelings, and go hand in hand with this diagnosis. We share it all, the good and the bad, and sometimes it makes us feel better just putting it in writing rather than just holding all of it inside. One thing is for sure~ we DO understand!

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    Linda... you come in here
    Linda... you come in here and post anytime.. negative or positive... I agree with Claudia.. it is all part of the process of what we are or have been through... I'm glad to hear your feeling better... hang in there... we will laugh with you... and many of us here have drip dry lapels... and send you cyber tissue when needed... bike riding hu?.. I haven't thought of doing that in a long time... you are an inspiration...maybe I'll get hubby to get down my bike... :-)


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    Good for you, Linda T
    Glad things are looking up for you, and that you're feeling better. Hope this is just the very beginning of a long upswing. Thanks for sharing.