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edited March 2014 in Breast Cancer #1 is done thank GOD.Dr. removed bandages,drain and clamps yesterday.She said the lymph nods were Cancer free and so was the Breast tissue.Thank GOD.I see the Cancer Dr. next week because two weeks ago when having the lumpsectomy was Cancer.So I WILL BE STARTING TREETMENTS SOON.I am very sore and taking more pain pills.Does anyone have any advice on what would help with the pain?I am not able to wear a bra,so i put a camey on.It seams to help some for support.It is terribly painful as several of you know.Thank to all you wonderful people.Love and Prayers. PAT.


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    Hi Pat....
    Glad to hear you made it through. I found that the only thing that helped me was to actually move as little as possible. So I did lots of "lounging" around. Pillows work great too. :) Pammy
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    Hi Pat...great news...
    Hi Pat...great news... sounds like all is going well... my thoughts are with you... I personally found that the tank tops with the built in panels felt best for me... just wear whatever is the most comfortable...and I agree with Pammy pillows were great to keep around.

    Gentle hugs