need someone to talk to with colostomy and illiostomy

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I am looking for a person or persons who have been through surgery for both a colostomy and illiostomy. My father is facing a colostomy surgery next month. He has had an illiostomy (hope spelling is right!) for 40 years.
Understandably he is quite nervous and anxious about life with 2 stomas and bags. He asked me if I could find someone for him to talk to- as he himself is shy and quiet.
We would love for anyone who knows about this to tell about what you know- especially if you have lived like this. We live in washington state. Also prayers would be appreciated


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    Colostomy and Ileostomy

    I presently have two ostomies, one for urine and one for "poop". I have had my urinary ostomy since 2006, due to aggressive bladder cancer that required the removal of my bladder, prostate, etc.

    My colostomy is new. Tomorrow (7/28/09) will be exactly three weeks from my surgery. I had the surgery done by a wonderful surgeon (Dr. Pierre Greeff) at Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa. I am now recovering at home in Bartlett, TN. I hope to return to work within 2 weeks from now. The colostomy is intended to be temporary, allowing the surgical repairs a chance to heal before putting my colon back to near-normal service.

    As with any major surgery, much unpleasantness is involved. Compared to my 2006 surgery, this one was definitely easier overall. The facility (CTCA-Tulsa) was much better and the surgeon was better. I've had less pain and less fear. Knowing that I'm cancer-free (since October 2008) is a huge blessing.

    Your father probably remembers looking at his ileostomy for the first time, and thinking "this is the most disgusting thing I've ever seen". He will probably feel the same way the first time he sees his new colostomy. After a couple of months, it will likely be no more troublesome than his ileostomy.

    Caring for the colostomy is not especially difficult if you have the correct equipment. After surgery they had me using bottom-draining, one piece colostomy bags. These require you to frequently wash out the poo to reuse the bags. To me this seemed very unsanitary, inconvenient, and honestly stupid and infuriating.

    Now I am using 2-piece colostomy equipment that has a flange and a disposable bag. This allows quick and sanitary bag changes. I have used bith Hollister and Coloplast brand 2-piece disposable colostomy equipment. Both have worked great. [Since I've had my urostomy, I have used only Hollister 2-piece urostomy equipment.]

    I will pray for your father. He is facing a painful surgery and difficult weeks of recovery. I'm a new user of this website, so I'm not sure how it works. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to contact me.

    Blessings to you,
    Glen Mohler