Cancer in the bones

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Hi Guys,

Well my dad has just gone through 5 cycles of chemo and 5 weeks of radiation. He did so well through this period and never showed too many side effects. He was told that the tumor in his lung has shrunk considerably and the coughing had stopped. He also ate well through this period (Thanks to my mum and put on weight)

Just the other day we had a set back where they found a spot in a scan near his spine. It was confirmed today that cancer had spread to the spine and ribs (spots). So basically it means its now in his bones.

My brother spoke with the chemo doc and basically said that they were going to do 2 more rounds of chemo and if this does not work then it looks bleak.

Is there anyone that has similar experiences either directly or indirectly. I am doing my best to be positive but I must admit today I feel sick in the stomach.

P.S Has anyone trying supplements such as Zeolite Liquid?
Thanks guys


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    spread to bones
    I also have lung cancer that spread to my bones and after six rounds of chemotherapy. I had a spot in my ribs that was particularly painful, and I have a few spots on my spine that the doctors are watching. I received 10 rounds of radiation on my rib and that seems to have worked. We're keeping an eye on my spine and if it begins to hurt, they have advised radiation as well.

    Don't settle for a "bleak" outlook! Ask the doctors what the options are, even if they are slim. Radiation seems to do pretty well for rib spots especially.