chemo day 2 and three need hope

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Well,I can say all started out really well on the first day of chemo. Sean was hungry and ate some,however day two and the start of day three aren't not going as well. We have been dripping 5FU since about 12:30 Tuesday and by the end of day one going into day two thing have went down hill. He can no longer eat and drinking even to take pills is becoming troublesome. We have two types of sick pills (promthesine and Zolpran)of which neither is really helping.
He's back to throwing up again and feeling like crap. As it is 8:49 am now I except the infussion complete alarm to go off at anytime at which time we can have the home health care people come DC his line. OH God am I counting the minutes to the end of this going into his body. Everyone keeps promising that within a day or so his syptoms will start subsiding and he will start feeling better. I can only pray this is true as he is ready to give up.
He has been fighting this since April at home and since May when diagnoised in the hospital. With all the weight loss and now the inability to eat or drink,his mind and body are losing the desire to fight. Can anyone offer us some hope?


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    I was on an drug called Emend during chemo. (Merck) Finished chemo/radiation this past April. Emend was the miracle drug for me. Most the people in the chemo room with me were on it. We all had different doctors but same medical group. It was taken the first day of each chemo session and for three days following. I, of course, don't know if Emend would be suitable for your husband but perhaps would be worth asking his onc about. My insurance turned it down at first and then ok'd it. I had two friends in chemo that were very sick with vomiting and they asked their own oncs (1200 miles from where I live so no connection with my own onc) and both were put on it and the vomiting stopped. Worth a try!!!

    Hang in there, both of you. Lots of prayers and good thoughts to you.