lost my mom

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sad all the time and dont know what to do.mom passed on january 31 2008.


  • PBJ Austin
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    I am so sorry
    It's so hard to lose a loved one, especially a parent. Coincidentally my father-in-law passed on that exact same date and it was very hard for my husband and me. Sending you a huge virtual hug. {{ }}
  • momfor2
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    I am sorry. I know how you
    I am sorry. I know how you feel. I lost my mom Feb 27, 08. It is so hard. Almost a year to the day of her dying I found out my 24 year old daughter has astrocytoma grade II. What a year.
  • bon125
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    Lost my mom too
    I too lost my mother to brain cancer in november 2004. It gets better on some levels, on others, it never does. I still think of how she suffered. How I wish I had one more day. But, this disease was too much for her. I miss the woman I knew, not the one who died of cancer.