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i was scheduled for another ct scan (12th. in the last 1 1/2 yrs.) this time i did not have the $200.00 dollar co-pay and was told that they can refuse me if i don't have the money. i was needless to say shocked and very upset. they said they would have to get the okay from my doctor to go ahead with the scan. it was so humiliating i was sick all day. has anyone else gone thru this? i have not started treatment yet and am now scared they could refuse me treatment as well. my children would never let that happen but i don't want to have to go to them for help.


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    While shocked that a hospital would act in such a way, given our health situation in the US, I shouldn't say it would come as a surprise. I feel I have good benefits, and still there seems to be some sort of hoop that I must jump through, even once in the blue moon to get something "special" done.

    They may be able to refuse a diagnostic test, but I do not believe that they can turn you away from treatment. It would be so unethical. Most hospitals do have what they call a hardship program, basically, it is some sort of welfare type program that you would have to qualify for.

    Honestly, I've never dealt with a hospital that collects payments on service. Doctor offices yes, but hospitals no. And I do know doctors offices, and by that, I mean the administrators (or pen-pushing-know-nothings as I call them) and not the doctors, enforce the co-pay policy. But there can be some doctors that are in it for the money.

    Worse comes to worse, you may, and should reach out to your family. You can't worry about pride in this situation. Not doing something could be worse.

    Paul E. (Hodgkoid2003)