Had 4th chemo yesterday

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4 down two to go. It was an uneventful day for which I am thankful. It was my first visit to this infusion center and I was very impressed with it. It is much smaller than the one we went to in Tampa. Much more personal touch here. We got there at 8:00 and walked out at 4:30. No reactions this time.

This place has four chairs together, so you have the opportunity to visit with others. One person was someone I had worked with at the hospital for many years. It was great visiting with her, but wish it would have been under different circumstances. You do get to share stories with others in that kind of set up.

This also has big windows which overlook a Therapuetic Garden. It was a sunny day, so it was beautiful to look out and see the flowers.

They gave me a "Quillow of Hope". It it a quilt that folds up into a pillow. You can take it back and forth to chemo is desired. It is really nice. One side is a purple plaid and the other has small green and purple flowers with a light green background. Then there is an embroidered cancer ribbon that has "Quillow of Hope" stitched in it.
Someone who was treated at the center organized a group to make these and give then to cancer patients. I thought that was really special.

They gave me different pre chemo drugs, but had the same actions. I got Claritin rather than benadryl as it lasts longer. I got Tagement instead of Zantac. Each hospital has their own formulary they use. I also Aloxi instead of Zofran. They said it would last 3 days instead of the 4 - 6 hours for Zofran. I was hoping it would help with my nausea that I have had since my internal radiation, but I needed to take a compazine again last night.

Today is a "hamster" day with all my extra energy from the extra steroids I took the night before and the morning of the treatment, and then they gave me more steroids IV. This is the best day I've had since my internal radiation. I think I'll enjoy it while it lasts. I got to work outside for hours today, instead of my usual 1 hour. I got lots done.

I had lab the day before, and it tooke 3 sticks to get the lab, and two sticks to get the chemo started. I thought I had good veins before all this started, but that chemo really does a job on the veins. I will try to drink more fluids before I go next time and see if that helps. I thought I had drank plenty though. Only two more times, hope the veins hold out.

My onocologist told me she was so excited about my CA 125 and that my labs before this chemo were spectacular. It is great to see a doctor who is so enthusiastic. I really like her.

I submitted a new picture with "all" my hair (hope it comes through). I finally got brave enough seeing all of your new pictures. It will leave me soon. Last time it started falling out by the 12 th day after chemo. I always had natural curly hair, so it is coming in wavy now. It is very salt and pepper color. I will miss it again, but I know it is only temporary.

One of the nurses told me yesterday "Everyday we live, is a day HE gives" I am so thankful for each day I have. Hope all is well with all of you.

In Peace and Caring. HUGS to you.


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    On your way!
    Ro you are are well on your way to being finished with treatment. I am happy for you that you are having a good day. I always slept all day the day after chemo from all of the benadryl.
    I really like the quillow idea, maybe I could suggest it to the volunteers at the cancer center here. It's such a great idea! I always took my own pillow, but LOVED the warm blankets they brought when you got there. It would be neat to have something like that to carry back and forth to treatments.
    My hair is coming in and looks wavy and is very salt and pepper. Each day it there seems to be more pepper hairs than salt hairs. I don't care what color it is, as long as it comes in. I am hope mine doesn't come out from the chemo I had last week, but if it does.... It's only temporary!
    I'm glad that you like your doctor, I wish I could say the same. He is just so negative and sarcastic. Yours sounds like she has a very positive outlook. I think it would make me feel better about my future if he could say something positive. Oh well, I'm going to live! Wether he believes it or not, I do!!!
    I think I will write the saying on my bathroom mirror... "Every day we live, is a day HE gives." It seems that each day further from chemo I feel more optimistic.
    Take care, I hope you have an easy recovery from this treatment and that the next 2 go by quickly for you.
    Love and Hugs!