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Has anyone out there heard of or have experience with the San Diego Cancer Center and/or Dr. Derek Helton? I have rectal cancer & have posted this on the colorectal site, but thought I'd post here too for more exposure.
Thanks in advance for any info- good or bad.



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    I have not had ec=xperience
    I have not had ec=xperience with them. Sorry. If you google the name of the doctor you can sometimes get some info on them. Good Luck
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    I have no idea about the Dr. or the facility. I think you could look it up on line and see if they have a website. You might search cancer treatment centers in San Diego and see if it comes up and what they say about it. You could look in publications like the American Medical Association journals to see if there is anything about the Dr. or facility there. If you know any other Drs. ask them if they have heard of that one. I don't know. Maybe someone will respond with better information.

    Take care, seof.
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    Thanks, I have already googled the doctor's name and the cancer center. They do have a a very good and informative website. They look good and I have heard about the doctor and the center from two people now- both good, so I think it will work out well. It's just always nervewracking making a change.
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    Have you tried checking the
    Have you tried checking the California Medical Board?
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    No expereicne
    sorry none here...I live in Ohio...