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One of our favorite columnists here in Southern California, Al Martinez, wrote the following piece about his daughter's fight against colon cancer. It is gently written and speaks to the bonds that can deepen between family or friends. I thought some of you might enjoy reading it.




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    Thank you for that. It reminded me very much of me and my sister. So, much so that I forwarded it to her.

    I'm 8 yrs older than her and she always felt I was judging her. I think she didn't feel she 'measured up'. I always knew when she was doing something she was ashamed of because she wouldn't call. LOL And, of course, she was my bratty little sister. I think I tried to give her advice - who wants that?

    She has been by my side since my diagnosis. That is no small feat as her MS diagnosis finally came just 4 months after my crc diagnosis and our dad was in and out of hospitals at the time. He died a year ago tomorrow, undiagnosed. Our relationship is such a blessing. This miserable canzer gave me that. Ironic, isn't it?

    Thank you for posting this link,

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    A great read.