PSA Rise after Biopsy

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Posting a new Question here. I have another thread running under LEWVINO but my new question is this.

Since I know I have cancer and have not started treatment yet I had a new PSA test done and got the result back yesterday.

My PSA has gone from 4.1 to 4.6. Had the biopsy on April 20th and as stated pervious posts found cancer in 5 samples gleason 7 at 4+3.
This latest PSA is now 5.1. Is it normal to have the PSA jump 5 weeks post biopsy?

One more week to go till I have my surgery consult.

Larry (lewvino)


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    PSA rise
    Hi Lewvino.....I too had a PSA rise... 3.9 to 5.2 in 4 months. This was after I was diagnosed ( 4 of 12 samples, gleason 7) with PC in March. What triggered the biopsy was a psa rise in 1 year of 1.7 to 3.9. I did biopsy, did the research for a treatment & decided on the Davinci robotic surgery. I found a local surgeon that a friend recommended. Then to my mind...that the presence of cancer was real, I did the psa again with the resulting spike. I had the davinci May 21 & now and feel ready to start playing tennis again. If I can answer any questions, pls. don't hesitate to ask.
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    PSA test for older age
    PSA is a compound, which is present in higher quantities in prostate cancer patients. PSA test measures the lever of PSA in the blood. FDA has approved the use of the PSA test to detect prostrate cancer in men age 50 and older. But, urologists won't conduct PSA tests normally to old people. Old age is something most of us will face at some point. The great American author Mark Twain referred to old age as the worst "wanton insult" possible. Age is just a number – just because other people lump you in with seniors and consider you aged doesn't mean anything if you don't let it. Remember, George Foreman knocked Michael Moorer straight to the canvas and into being the butt of jokes at age 45. Age discrimination is becoming a problem. Some need debt relief well into old age.