Metastatice Breast Cancer & Chemo/Abraxane???

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I am newly diagnlosed with metastatic breast. I've done radiation for the last month and tomorrow I'll be starting chemo. I believe my doctor said I would be taking Abraxane along with Avastin. Has anyone had this before, and if so, what were your side effects?

Thank you!


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    Hi ceegee.........
    Welcome to the board, although I'm sorry for your dx.

    I had Abraxane. It is supposed to be much like Taxol.
    I had a few issues with it, but nothing horrible. I was tired, of course, and my finger nails got kind of "funky". I also had some vision issues, but I wear glasses anyway, so my eye doc changed the prescription, and it was ok again. My hands/arms got numb, but after a few months of being off of the Abraxane, just my fingers remain a little numb.

    But I think everyone is different, and will react to the drug in different ways. At any rate, it is doable. And if you have any problems, let your onc know.

    Honestly, I think that you and I are likely the only ones here, who have had/will have Abraxane. I haven't met anyone else who has.

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    I have not had these drugs but I just wanted to welcome you here. I am glad you found us. Keep posting, these are the most compassionate and caring group of sisters anywhere. You will find much comfort and support...and lots of laughter. I am wishing you the best with your chemo. How did the radiation go? did you get burned? I just had my ninth one and am aleady turning pink! Hugs, Jackie
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    Hi Ceegee
    Welcome, sorry you've been visited by the beast. The women here are fabulous and will help you every step of the way. Now, about Abraxane. I did not have it but I wanted it instead of the taxotere that I got. Apparently it's much easier on the system and doesn't contain a solvent as a carrier so you don't have to do steroids before and after to prevent an allergic rx. Unfortunately they only use it for metastatic bc for now. Here are a couple of links that will give you some excellent info about it.



    Good luck to you. Let us know how you make out.
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    Warm welcome, ceegee69
    You've joined the right group, though I'm sorry for the reason. My own chemo was different; so, I cannot speak directly to your question. Just know we're all here for you as you move forward.

    Best wishes to you.

    Kind regards, Susan
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    I won't have chemo ceegee
    I won't have chemo ceegee but I am in radiation now. How are you doing on radiation? I am still ok. ( cross your fingers )
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    Hi ceegee
    I have metatastic breast cancer also and I just finished 6 months of abraxane/avastin in February. I know I can't speak for everyone, but I had no side effects with it at all. Compared to the taxotere that I had last year, this one was very easy on me. Hope you have the same luck with it as I did. If you have any other questions, you're in the rite place. The support, advice, knowledge and laughter of all the women here is the best that you will find anywhere.

    Best of luck,