getting pregnant after dcis

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I was diagnosed with DCIS a couple of years ago, i had the lumpectomy and the follow up radiation and have been going for regular mammograms and check ups since. I was considering having another child but im worried this might increase my risk of the cancer coming back cause of all the hormone changes. Is there any possibility that a pregnancy would increase my risk?


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    Warm welcome, taramc!
    I was diagnosed at 45, pregnancy/children not an issue for me.

    Although I cannot specifically help with your question, I do know that the answer requires more specific information regarding your own diagnosis. Your most secure source would be to discuss your intentions with your own oncologist.

    Best wishes to you.

    Kind regards, Susan
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    Welcome, taramc. All situations are different, so this is a great question to discuss with your oncologist. There are studies on recurrence and pregnancy, but I don't know what they conclude. I know it's more of an issue if you were diagnosed with ER or PR positive DCIS. I do know many women who have had children after a breast cancer diagnosis. Check out to discuss this issue with many younger survivors who have lived through it. Good luck!