The Funniest Joke EVER!

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One day a young man was sat at a table in a local tavern, Two real Old Folks walk in and start talking about 'way things used to be, in the good old days'...He couldn't help but listen in on their conversation. They had obviously enjoyed their first date here 50 years ago. The young man was intrigued and moved closer. They were still talking about their first date 50 years ago, then they got up and left.
He followed them outside and around the back of the tavern.
The old man took the old lady in his arms and pressed her up against the fence and what followed was the most amazing sexual marathon the young man had EVER seen!!!!!!!!!

It went on for hours...........a total frenzy.........legs lips and body-parts all twitching like St Vitas's Dance!

After it was over, the Old man and the Old woman lay on the ground exhausted, And the young guy thought they were dead. So he tentatively approached the old man and knelt next to him. The Old man opened his eyes and the young guy asked him:...............
"Wow, I have never seen anything like that in my life!.. Tell me, was it like this fifty years ago whan you two first met?...What is the secret of your sexual prowess?"

The Old man replied : " Son, 50 years ago that fence wasn't ELECTRIFIED!"


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    you are on a roll!

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    that was funny. RREALLY FUNNY THANKS
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    Yes, EVER!
    You know, dear J, I had been thinking earlier of admonishing you for not fulfilling your "Joke of the Day" duties as our formally elected official titleholder. Then, I remembered that today was a much needed day off from work for you. You deserve a rest and a break, certainly.

    However, you have more than made up for falling behind a bit - how many jokes today? At least 2, maybe 3?!? I dunno, I've not gotten through all the new threads...

    Egads, woman! Please stop - my ribcage aches from laughing too hard and so much! (Well, not really - just figuratively...) You are on your way to setting a new record for yourself! :-)

    Kind regards, Susan