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scared to death!!!!!!!!!!!


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    Your fear is not just understandable, but normal. If you think about it, everything most of us know about cancer before we receive a diagnosis of our own is associated with death and dying.

    Now that you have received this unfortunate diagnosis, you need to become pro-active regarding the disease, including gathering as much valid information about it as you can. There is some degree of comfort, I have found, in knowledge.

    Ask your doctors, for sure. Every time a question arises, write it down, and take your list of questions with you when you next visit your doctors. Write down the answers and keep asking questions until you are satisfied with them.

    You can post specific questions on this board as well, and should receive responses from others who have been through or are going through similar experiences. You can, of course, also read previous posts for some ideas, and you can search the member area for a list of other members with sclc experiences.

    Further, you may want to explore the Chat Room this site provides. There you can interact in realtime with others who are survivors and/or caregivers.

    Small cell lung cancer is not much fun, but there are those here and elsewhere who continue to survive it.

    Best wishes.

    Take care,

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    Scared Too
    Like you I'm scared but read carefully what Joe said. (By the way I'm new to this site and have read many of his comments to others; I recommend that you do the same.) He puts useful information out there and is right when he indicates that knowledge is power. I'm reading and researching a lot since my recent surgery and how found that the more I learn, the less frightened I find myself. Here is my hand.. you have a friend out there. Good luck and tell me more.