How long can lymph nodes keep shrinking after radiation?

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My dad had squamous cell carcinoma in his tear duct in fall 2004 and had a radical surgery removing much tissue, including his eye. In Oct. 2008 they found a new tumor in the sinus/palate area above his other eye. One lymph node was also affected. He underwent six weeks of radiation, and he just had his follow up scans. He's at the six-week mark post-radiation. The tumor above his eye is gone, but the lymph node has only shrunk by a little over 50%. His doctors at MD Anderson say it may keep shrinking and they'll look at him again in 3-4 months.

I'm concerned, because I thought by this point we'd know whether or not the radiation "got it." Does anyone know how long the nodes can keep shrinking after radiation?




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    Don’t expect it to all go away 50% is good, after radiation on left side of my neck the lymph node still sticks out some; I look at it as the new me. The doctors at MD Anderson are some very friendly people I like going there but not for treatment just to meet new people and to check on my NPC. Sounds like your dad is a very tuff guy, I had radiation twice. I am not as good as I one was but I still get around. Keep me updated on how your Dad is doing and I will keep him in my prayers