Extra special gentle hugs today for ((((Mary Ann / Daisey)))), ((((Kris Ann & Judy)))), and ((((Barb

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Reading the Roll Call posts, I can see what a powerful gathering of strong brave women we have here. I have such a wonderful support system with my family and friends, but I still don't know how I'd cope with how HUGE this whole cancer journey is, without you all who are walking it with me. Thank you.

Special prayers and gentle hugs this morning for Mary Ann and that lousy scary CT-scan. I hope that your oncologist has an aggressive do-able plan-of-action for you to start that nips any new problems in the bud. Be sure and get the new results in some take-away form and we will try and help you research and sort it all out. (((Mary Ann)))

And to Kris Ann and your mother Judy, try not to worry too much about the climbing CA-125, as they are not always reliable indicators. And hers are still really low. It's good that your oncologists are not cavalier about it, but try not to stress too much. Many many things can cause a CA-125 to climb, unrelated to cancer. (((Kris Ann & Judy)))

And Barb55: I know that you are holding your breath with the 3-month check-up. Try not to go to any dark places in your mind. Know that we all hold our breaths with you as you wait for the results. (((Barb)))


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    Back at you, Linda!!
    Linda, I missed your sweet message until today!! The saga goes on regarding the scan but I trust it will be sorted out in due time. This journey is teaching me patience - I'm not the best student though.

    I give you back the gentle hugs as you begin your radiation journey. God will be with you. You are strong and you will get through this too and as you said - you will be FREE by INDEPENDENCE DAY!!

    Hugs, Mary Ann