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I had bracytherapy 9.5 years ago for PC and have had low PSA (<0.1) for the last 9 years. My last two PSA have been .1 and .77. Needless to say, this worries me. I haven't seen a urologist or oncologist for 5 years. I am going to get another PSA in about a month to make sure this last was not an anomaly, and then I guess I should go see a doctor again. Anyone else have this sort of history.


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    I' ve not had your problem however my understanding anything under 1 is good. Most labs I hear won't report 0 only because they can't read that low accurately, they usually say less than 1. Good luck jj
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    Rising psa
    My psa was 24 when cancer was discovered and dropped to .17 after Lupron shot and radiation. It has since risen by about 50% per year and doubling in the past year to 4.6. This is over a 5 year span. I am about to be advised to seek more treatment but have no desire to go through any more physical suffering. You should be ok to get your psa test every 6 months to one year and, unless it doubles within 6 months, I would not recommend seeking treatment. Maintain a stress-free life and let the doctor worry for you. Best of luck and take care.