? Neulasta shot with Herceptin

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Does anyone know if you still have to have the Neulasta shot when you are receiving Herceptin alone?
I still have 3+months of chemo and will be getting the Neulasta shot for that but didn't know since Herceptin isn't a chemo drug if you still have to have the Neulasta shot.

Thank you for any information.



  • Christmas Girl
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    Hello, Margo. I had the Neulasta shot the day after each of my chemo treatments, too. But, didn't get the Herceptin. So, sorry, I really have no idea. Other than understanding that Neulasta boosts white blood cell production. I'm sure others here, with actual experience with Herceptin, will be able to help you.

    Kind regards, Susan
  • Bill.S
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    I'm tri ppp le positive. ER+,PR+,HER2+
    My chemo was Taxotere,Carboplatin,Herceptin (TCH). The day after chemo(TCH) I always got a Neulasta shot. It is to help with the white blood cells. I had TCH every 3 weeks for 6 months but on the inbetween weeks I only got Herceptin [no Neulasta shot].I finished with T&C Dec 3,
    Now I am only having a triple dose of Herceptin every 3 weeks - no Neulasta shots- until my 1 year of Herceptin is finished. I also have to take tamoxifin for ?? 5 ?? years.
    Hope this helps- when in doubt, ask your Doctor. Herceptin can also be given weekly following chemo for the remainder of the 1 year.
    Bill S.
  • rjjj
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    Hi Margo
    I am also triple positive and will be getting my last chemo tx on the 23rd provided my blood count is ok. They have only given me one nuelasta shot so far. I have blood draw once a week to stay on top of it..and if it is down then i have the shot. It took only 2 days for it to get back up last time. I haven't asked them if i will still need the blood draws once a week after i start on the herceptin only. I know i will be getting an infusion of herceptin every three weeks. I had the chemo nurse look it up to see if it was still considered Chemo ( for insurance purposes) and she said any infusion to prevent cancer was considered chemo. But ..my hair would grow back and side effects would subside. I will be getting herceptin for a year and then tamoxifen also for 5 years.

    I am glad i will get the herceptin because they tell me it is a very powerful drug to stop reoccurance. I am also welcoming the tamoxifen..but am getting somewhat worried after reading some of the side effects some on this board have experienced. I am praying they are minimal or that i can switch to another if they become too severe. They didn't tell me any thing about a shot of herceptin? Has anyone had this?

    I will also be going for radiation about 3 weeks after i am done with my last chemo and I will have to go about 300 miles for it, so i am going to contact the ACS for places to stay once i find out the exact date. I will come home on weekends. It is all new to me and a little scary..but just like the chemo i know when i get into a routine of things it will be comforting to know that i am doing every thing i can to fight the beast from returning. Thanks for listening and i would appreciate any other info on Herceptin you have.

    God Bless