My mother is diagnosed with Stomach cancer

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Hi Friends,

My mom is 54 years old and she was diagnosed with stomach cancer a couple of days ago. The cancer cells are present in the upper part of the stomach and has spread to the aorta and ICV. I consulted a few doctors and they say that it is not operable and added that a palliative surgery followed by chemotherapy is an option to consider. She is now eating very little food and suffered serious weight loss. So, doctor says she has to be strong enough to take the chemotherapy for which she must eat well and hence the suggestion for palliative surgery. I am very much worried. Please guide me for a right kind of treatment based on which stage of cancer it is and please tell me if she can survive this cancer and for how long?


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    Hi, I'm sorry to hear about your mother. My husband also has stomach cancer that is inoperable. We are trying to get him in a clinical trial before starting chemo again. His first round of chemo was not effective. If your mother's cancer is indeed inoperable, then chemo and/or radiation are other options. I would recommend getting a second opinion though. You and your family want to make sure that you are doing all you can do to fight this.
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    only god
    hey im alley and im so sorry that your going through the things that you are going through.i went through alot with my mother before she passed.let me share somthing with you no one can tell you how long you mom has to live not the doctor not me and not you only god can do that becouse onlky god knows.the doctor told me that my mom had only 6months to live i became so stress out making myself sick but guess what one year passed and my mom was still here two years passed and my mom was still here three years passed and my mom was still holding on you have to be strong and have faith in the lord becouse only he can carry you and your mom through this one ...i will keep your mom in my prayers and i will also pray for you to stay strong