the knickname kimosabe, (chemo-sobby)

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I saw that "kimosabe = chemo-sobby" pun this morning on the Breast Cancer Discussion Board when I was searching for information on Taxatere, and just had to share it with you. That's what someone said they called those chemo-induced nights of depression and crying: chemo-sobby. Get it? I must be a twisted, but that really struck me as funny this morning, and I had to share it with you.

Just got a call from my grandkids wanting to go with me and buy a new (live!) bunny, before all of the Easter bunnies are gone. (We all missed Palm Sunday services because of sniffles this morning.) Some of you may remember that my pet rabbit died just before I got my cancer diagnosis. The empty rabbit hutch makes me sad each day when I go out to the composter, and I've wanted to get another rabbit ever since but wanted to wait until after the harsh winter was over, as our rabbit will be an 'outside' bunnie. I didn't even talk about this with my husband, and now he's going to be surprised (perhaps unpleasantly) with a new pet bunnie, as he has gone to the pool room for coffee and to shoot pool. The grandkids and I are going to get Paas egg dye and color hard-boiled eggs, and go buy a NEW BUNNIE! What FUN! So no 'chemo-sobby' for me today! I'm excited to have a fun Palm Sunday ahead of me! Vic will be so disapproving!! And I don't care!


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    go -girl - hot momma!
    Hi Linda,

    I like your new pix. You look like a hot momma! I am enjoying a hair growth spurt too - I have about 1/4 inch of velvety (mostly) white hair - 6.5 weeks after last chemo. Eyebrows and I think lashes peeking through too. You'll be there - for real - soon.

    I see my new doc on Wed. Keep fingers crossed - I suspect he will order more chemo for me - but we'll see.

    And thanks again for the research you did for me on PET scan info - If anyone can find info it's Linda!!

    Enjoy the new bunny - their poops make the BEST fertilizer!!

    Hugs and prayers to all,

    Mary Ann