"personal email" questions

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I am still confused about how to contact people other than using the "discussion board." I see where some people send PMs which I assume are "personal messages" ... but I cannot figure out how this is done.



  • chenheart
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    From the homepage, under the heading "Connect", where you click on to the Discussion Boards and Chat, right underneath that option is CSN EMAIL...from there you can send mail to anyone who is a CSN member. I use this feature quite often, and that is where our Friends list comes in handy~ there is a drop-down window with all of our friends and that way we don't have to remember exactly how the screenname is spelled when we want to hit send!

    Hope this helps! Send me and email~or wait! I can demonstrate by sending one to you!!

  • Kristin N
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    It is on the homepage...look
    It is on the homepage...look for email!