Finally! Follow up appt with Surgeon Tomorrow

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Been a month since surgery, Only thing I understand is it's NON INVASIVE DCIS/CLOSE Margins,high grade/multi focal spots.Surg can't be sure he got it all,will decide whether to go back in.Bringing my copy of report to have it explained in detail. Boyfriend coming to take notes. With all that I READ Online,Books/Articles for DCIS having 2nd thoughts on anymore surg at this time. W/out an oncol I've had NO other medical opin/input. 2nd opin on path slides will be brought up also. They still don't know ENOUGH on DCIS,seems like trial/error,feel like a guinea pig. With only cells in a confined area there is so much gray area & uncertainty.


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    Hang in there
    It's amazing that you have had to wait one month since your surgery. I had surgery last Wednesday and have my follow-up on March 23. I haven't met with my medical oncologist yet and am ready to have the radiation treatments and be over this. When did you find out you had breast cancer? I found out on Feb. 27. What a shock!
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    it is very difficult to wait patiently for the Drs. to get all the tests done. It feels like you are spinning your wheels. For most of us it is a long process that takes months. That was hard for me to adjust to, but it is what it is. You said you don't have an oncologist...that seems odd to me. Is it just that you have not seen one yet? Anyway, hang in there and keep asking questions.

    Take care, seof
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    Hi Lauren!

    I'm assuming you opted for the lumpectomy? I think you were torn on radiation from earlier messages, not sure. Are you near a cancer care facility? I had a team of doctors (surgeon, oncologist, radiologist) right from the beginning from diagnosis up through treatment and follow through. It was overwhelming, but I didn't at all feel like DCIS was unchartered waters. They all seemed to know it well, and know exactly how to treat it. In fact, they said this was a main reason for the screening mammograms. They hoped to catch people like me when it was early and at this very treatable stage.

    It's always good to get as much information and second opinions. I wish you well and that you will be at peace with your treatment. When your dr says he's not sure he got it all, does that mean the margins were not clear? Maybe I didn't do enough research. I'm really looking into the diet and nutrition part of keeping this at bay. There's a lot of interesting research out there about that, and it makes sense as to why it strikes so many people with so many profiles. Hang in there!