Thank goodness for EMLA and xanax!

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To all of you who suggested the EMLA cream ... I say thank you! I had my first chemo Friday and was very anxious. I'm a weenie about needles ... but several of you suggested EMLA cream and I called the oncologist right away and got a prescription. An hour before my appointment I took a xanax, and blobbed on the cream and covered it with a waterproof bandage as instructed ... and by the time of my appointment I honestly felt NOTHING when the needle went in. I'm still surprised ... and very pleased! Only problem was they were not able to draw blood through the port ... but since this was my first chemo they were able to use the blood info from the week earlier when I had the port "installed." I got a little concerned because I was afraid that after having this port "installed" they were still going to have to poke needles in me to draw blood. The nurse said this oftens a lot of times and it's ususally just a one time thing ... and that I should be concerned and everything should be just fine this coming Friday when I have my second treatment. I sure hope so. The first thing they gave me was 15 minutes of benedryl and tegamint (sp?), then 15 minutes of steriods and something else ... then one hour of taxol... but by the time the taxol started the benedryl and xanax and my "relaxation CD" had put me to sleep and I must have slept for about an hour. Then there was 90 minutes of herceptin ... and then ... I was good to go home. Felt just fine and even stopped for a Frosty on the way home. After I got home I did take my anti-nausea drugs just to be sure I didn't get sick ... and then I took a tylenol PM and slept like a log all night. I still can't get over it. I have felt no nausea ...or discomfort of any kind. I just hope I'm not "bragging" too soon and that I'll wake up tomorrow sick as a dog. I just hope that all of the treatments go like the first ...



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    Hooray! I am so glad that your first infusion went well! I didn't know about Emla cream when I had chemo, but the RN would always spray a numbing agent on the port and that worked well, too. I hope the rest of your infusions go as well as the first one! Remeber to sip, sip, sip absolutely need to flush your system, and keep yourself hydrated!

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    Hoorraaayyyyy One down. I
    Hoorraaayyyyy One down. I wish I had known about the Enla cream when I was going through chemo. I hadn't known about this site yet and didn't find it until I was done with my chemo, but have learned a lot from all you insightful ladies. I hope all your future treatments go just as smooth. Remember to keep up with the nausea meds and drink lots of water. Hugs, Lili
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    They have trouble getting
    They have trouble getting blood from my port also.I had a port study done and they said it would be hit or miss for getting the blood. Last time they laid me on my side, arm in the air and finally got it. Are they moving you around to try and get it? This is my second port. The first got a clot in it and had to be removed.