Silly question...I guess

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My vet prescribed topical steroid spray for my dog. But she insisted that if my immune system has been compromised in any way, that I ask my onc if I it is safe for me to handle it.
I finished chemo in December, and finished radiation three weeks ago. I told her that I was taking steroids all through chemo, but she said she doesn't know if it's safe for me to spray on the dog. I'm pretty sure it's a measure to protect herself from any liability...covering her butt really.
Do I really need to call the doctor before using it????????? Sheesh!

Thanks for any input.



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    On the Safe Side
    Hi,Cr, it does sound as if your vet is over-cautious, but it wouldn't hurt to check with your oncologist. You wouldn't not be the first,I am sure, to ask him/her a "silly" question.

    Hope the spray takes care of your pup's problem. We have 3 dogs that keep us busy attending to their needs!
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    I agree
    I agree that seems overcautious, but a call to the Dr. is a lot easier than potential harmful side effects. Why not check it out to be sure?

    Take care of yoursel and your 4-legged friend. seof
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    Thanks girls, for the advice. I did finally call the onc & in the end, he said that it shouldn't cause me any problems. He said too, that he could understand the vet being so cautious. So it all worked out.

    My dog (he is my beloved friend) developed a skin infection from an allergy. So he is on antibiotics and needs the steroid spray on the worst areas. He is doing well, and is his usual happy self! I'm sure he will make a complete recovery.
    Thank you for asking about him.

    All my best,