Blood Transfusion needed

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Hi everyone I am curious about blood transfusions. I was called this morning from my Dr. and was told that my red blood count is too low and I need a transfusion. I have already had 2 shots for this but I guess they aren't working. Has anyone else had this problem and what should I expect with the transfusion?

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    I had a transfusion after Round 4 of chemo.
    My hemoglobin has been low since my 4th round of chemo. For my 4th round I had to wait an extra week, and was only given my chemo after the extra week if I promised to come back a week later for a transfusion. There's no need to stress about it. For me it was just like chemo: same lounge chairs, same place, same intervenous,...all very familiar. The transfusion is just to keep you safe. Red blood cells carry oxygen to your muscles and brain and so you will be lightheaded and winded when your count drops. After the transfusion, you feel much better for a few days, until the chemo still in you starts compromising the transfused blood too. But I'd gladly get another transfusion if I start to get the racing heart amd light-headedness again, and you shouldn't be worried about it. Better to be safe. Please let us know how you make out. ((((Sharon)))))

    Is it Procrit they are giving you as the shot?