breast cancer that has metastesized to the bones

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It's hard for me to find any info on this subject. Has anyone's breast cancer metastesized to their bones? What were your treatment options?


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    sorry, not me
    It has not happened to me, but I know of some it has happened to. I believe I have read at least one post on this site, but I do not know who. Maybe she will respond and give you some help. Have you posted to the other boards on this site? I'm sure you have already, but talk to your Doc, too.

    Good luck in your search, seof
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    Hi Hope, and welcome to the
    Hi Hope, and welcome to the club no one wants to join. I'm so glad you found us. There are a few ladies that have had mets to the bones here on this sight. I'm hoping they answer your post. From what I remember reading, they went back on chemo. I'll search on the board and let you know. Hugs an prayers, Lili
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    Sheri: I found the
    Sheri: I found the following posts about recurrence and mets to bones. You may want to contact them via the send mail option.

    Wan1135 posted on 2/10/09, Shooter1 posted on 12/19/08 and deb2001 posted on 2/11/09. Good luck and keep us posted, Hugs, Lili
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    Hi Hope, those aren't the
    Hi Hope, those aren't the words anyone wants to hear and I'm sorry you have to deal with it.
    I think radiation is one option and probably chemo too. Keep your chin up we've come a long way in cancer tx. There is another site that might be helpful too.
    There is a discussion on recurrence and mets there. You just posted that you had been on Arimidex didn't you? How long ago was that? Good luck and all my best to you.