Had surgery, NOT AGAIN!!!

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Had my wide-excision 6 days ago...did very well. Minimal pain very happy until yesterday when my Surgeon called with the results.He said it was Not Invasive which I knew from earlier biopsy in Dec & I am grateful for that.
He said there were multi focal spots here & there surrounded by normal tissue...
HIGH GRADE WITH CLOSE MARGINS. He can NOT BE SURE THAT HE GOT IT ALL so when I go in for my follow-up appt in a few weeks we will discuss what is next.
WILL ALSO DECIDE WHETHER OR NOT TO GO BACK IN AGAIN????????????? Was home by myself when I got the news.
All I could think is that I did so well, I feel good & now I MIGHT HAVE TO DO THIS ALL OVER AGAIN?????????? Has anyone else had to have a re-excision? I am going back to work Monday.


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    Hi Lauren! I was dx w DCIS back in 2000. I had high grade Multi focal cells. I had a lumpectomy and then planned on radiation. When I had my followup, The MD told me the margins were not clear and I could just go ahead with the radiation and hope all the cells were gone or have a mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. That was a no brainer for me. I(with the help of my husband) chose a mastectomy and reconstruction. I wanted to know all the cells in there were gone! Since I had the mastectomy, I didn't need radiation. I am so glad I did it that way. I never once questioned my decision. Of course, this was right for me. What's right for you might be different and only you can make that decision. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions. If you want to call me, e-mail me in the private site and I will give you my phone #. I'm 8 years cancer free and doing well!Good luck! Please keep in touch and let us know how you are doing. HUGS!! Cathy