Guess what I did yesterday???

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I saw Lance Armstrong! I was actually about 4' from him...for about a nano-second, anyway!

There is an 800 mile bike race in California, which is called the Amgen Tour, and it is aligned with Cancer fundraising organizations. It is much like the famous Tour de France ( or is that Tour de Lance?) and part of the race goes through my beautiful little town!!

Anyway, I positioned myself strategically along the race route, and I stayed for the entire 4 hour event! I hooped and hollered as the cyclists flew by; the weather was perfect, the crowds enthusiastic, and the athletes...well, what can I say?? BEAUTIFUL!!!!!

Later that evening, my Reggie and I went to a gala event dinner dance hosted by the Tribe at their resort. Whereas the cyclists were not there ( they were being bused to their next venue)
the support staff, mayor, dignitaries, etc etc were all there to celebrate. There was a silent auction, and Reggie won a beautiful framed print of Lance celebrating his 7th Tour de France win. The bottom of the print has replicas of the 6 previous wins.

There were ladies and gentlemen in "posh frocks" and suits and ties...and the jewelery that night? A sea of Yellow Livestrong bracelets! :-)

It was fun! And as always, I think of all of YOU when I am celebrating anything related to Killing the Cancer Beast!

And speaking of celebrating~ today I took my very last Arimidex!!!! Reggie brought me a glass of water, and then did a drum roll on the kitchen counter, yelled Ta-Da!, and we danced to commemorate the end of 5 years of treatment! YAY!!!!



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    YAY!!!!! You are officially
    YAY!!!!! You are officially done. How exciting is that? And I'm glad you are representing us in all these events. I know you do us all proud. LOL. I'm so glad you had so much fun. Hugs, lili
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    Congrats! You go girl!
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    Congratulations Claudia!

    Congratulations Claudia!
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    Congratulations Claudia and what a beautiful festive way to celebrate the beginning of your new life as a 5 year survivor. Bet your heart was soaring in the air above us! Thank you for letting us in on all the fun....i could almost picture the day in all of it's glory! I can only imagine the joy i will feel when my day comes.
    laugh, dance, love and live!!!
    Big big tall celebration hugs to you!!
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    Claudia, you are there girl!
    Claudia, you are there girl! Congrats. and I am very happy for ya. No more having to remember to take pills. Yea!!!!
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    End of Arimidex
    So now that you've finished Arimidex and with it, the threat of osteoporosis---will you now be the Amazing 60 foot woman!
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    Wonderful Day and Achievement!
    Claudia, I am so happy for you! Thank you for describing the event and letting us all share in this celebration of life and beating cancer. You are an inspiration. As always, wishing you all the best and thankful you are in my life.
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    Have you read


    Have you read Lance's book? I am halfway thru it. I don't know how he could get chemo and then go cycling. Makes me feel like I am being lazy after chemo when I just collapse for a few days.