Fatigue and Muscle Pain Post Chemo

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Hi everyone! I am one month post chemo. I am battling muscle pain from head to toe and lots of fatigue. I am back to work but only 6 hours/day instead of nine. That is helping me maintain and keep going. Has anyone else experienced this? If so, what was recommended? My onc nurse said to keep taking the supplements and walk to build up the muscle mass again. Everything just aches, back, legs, arms. The onc people said to see my primary doctor which I am seeing this afternoon. Hope all of you are doing ok. Thanks! MJ


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    I'm 3 months post chemo and
    I'm 3 months post chemo and 1 month post radiation so I can relate to the fatigue, which has a cumulative effect on the body. During treatment I rested instead of exercising so muscles weren't being used. My oncologist said to reclaim my life after chemo and radiation by exercising, Yoga and healthier eating. I talked to a fitness trainer who said a treatmill/walking is good for burning calories and strength and lifting weights and palates bands were good for sustaining strength. Hope this helps both of us. Good luck!
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    yes, the fatigue and muscle
    yes, the fatigue and muscle pain do get better with time. i am almost a year out of treatment and i still have major fatigue. i am beginning to notice that it doesn't seem to be as prominent as it was before. how can you work yet? yikes! you must be some strong woman. hope you begin to feel better. love, peggy
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    I am also one month out of
    I am also one month out of chemo and I also feel the fatigue and muscle pains, but not as much as during chemo. My oncologist said it will take time to get back to my old self. I have noticed that excercise does help. I also do yoga and stretching.