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I have had a nerve that has been hurting in my arm, the Dr. said that is because he probably cut a nerve while taking the 21 axillary lymph nodes. They have been ordering different sizes of sleeves for me and finally got it right after over 2 mo.'s, funny thing i haven't needed it until yesterday when my hand puffed up like a marshmallow. I have been doing my excersises and keeping it elevated when i can. I wore the sleeve and it was worse by eve. I had to sleep with it up on pillows and it was quite painful. Is this lymphodemia ?
I suppose it is but any suggestions on keeping the swelling at bay would be very much appreciated.
God Bless


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    Hello Jackie, I am so sorry for your swelling and discomfort. I am not aware if that is lymphodemia or not , but I would assume up is best for swelling, maybe call your doc today and ask, surely they could tell you more. I hope your day gets better. I will be out today, gotta go have some bloodwork done. My son has a cold and I feel like I might be getting it too. Maybe bloodwork will look good and they can give me something for my cold and his. Hope everyone has a great day. lots of love
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    I could be lymphadema. It
    I could be lymphadema. It could be some compression in your axilla area. Is it on the same side as your port?? My friend got a blood clot in her port and it caused her whole arm and neck to swell and turn colors.

    The garments are good to keep the swelling under control, but you should also be taught some manual drainage techniques so that you can have some ammunition in your belt when the extra swelling pops up. You might call your doctor and ask for a referral to a physical therapist who is a lymphadema specialist.

    Also, you're not supposed to sleep with the garments on. Not sure if you did or not.
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    Hi Jackie,

    I have lymphedema in my left arm and nerve damage in the left hand which is quite painful at times. I am not a doctor so I cannot say for sure, however it sounds much like what I have. Elevating the arm is very important as is not overusing it. With lymphedema the lymph fluid no longer flows as it should which results in painful swelling, learning to assist the fluid in moving will help to ease some of the swelling and pain. My immediate concern for you is infection since you are currently undergoing chemo therapy. Below is a small portion of an article on what to look for in regards to infection in the affected limb.

    Lymphangitis (Infection)

    Signs and symptoms of lymphangitis (infection) may include some or all of the following: rash, red blotchy skin, itching of the affected area, discoloration, increase of swelling and/or temperature of the skin, heavy sensation in the limb (more so than usual), pain, and in many cases a sudden onset of high fever and chills.

    LYMPHNET.ORG has a lot of good information that you may be interested in. Send many ((((HUGS))) your way.

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    Hi Jackie, I really can't add much to what has already been written except to say that the most helpful person for me regarding lymphedema was the lymphedema specialist (physical therapist) that I went to. She had the time and expertise to check me out, measure me, and teach me exercises and massage. My oncologist wasn't even aware that I had lymphedema and had little to say about it. In fact he was pretty nonchalant about the whole thing.

    She has been also helpful with other physical therapy issues (my shoulders have become rounded because of tightness across my chest from surgery). I know you have to travel far for help, as I do, but it's worth it when you feel up to it.

    I hope you get some relief soon.