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Had radical prostatectomy June 2003, age 43. Gleason was 7 (4+3), clear margins, no lymph node involvement. Prior to June 2005, psa was remained at <.04. Since then it has slowly risen. In 2006 it was .06, in 2007 it was .07, in 2008 it was .09, now this year it is .16. My doctor wants to wait 6 more months for another psa and then radiation if it goes up again. Does that sound right to you? It has increased on each of the last 4 tests and I am really starting to get a little nervous. I know the psa number is still relatively low but my feeling is that he should do something now. I am going to go for a 2nd opinion. Do you think I am overreacting?


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    I never think getting a
    I never think getting a second opinion is over reacting... With our dad we went for second opinion... You have to go with your gut... You know your body better than anyone else... someone reccommended this site to me to get more info about our dad and it was very helpful http://www.yananow.net... I was able to get some more info and advice... Good luck to you and your family... Stay strong, and trust your gut... Melissa