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Sue - I just read your response to my Sugarbaker method post. Wow, your husband was in the hospital only 14 days, that's great. Did he receive IV chemo after? How's he doing now? I'm going for a consult tomorrow so I can provide info to my oncologist for the referral. If you'd prefer we can discuss this offline. Traci


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    Sugarbaker Protocol
    Hi Traci,

    Yes Bill was only in hospital 13 or 14 days. His had spread thru the colon and they found seedlings all over his peritoneal wall. So he had the Sugarbaker Protocol (2006), and then did 9 of 12 chemo treatments. The cancer reocurred on his bladder in 2007 - more surgery to remove it.

    They did tell us without the surgery he would have 2 years. We are now into year 3.

    Given the choice I would go for the surgery.

    Let me know how your dr's appointment goes.