BCG vs Neobladder

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I am 55, male, and recently was diagnosed with BC - Stage 1 Grade 3 tumor, removed recently. My doctor is leaning towards bcg treatments and close monitoring, but my concern is the % of tumors that seem to be understaged at diagnosis, and the time lost if bcg doesn't work and the tumor comes back. The bladder removal option seems like it offers better long-term odds, but carries the risk of major surgery and big impacts on lifestyle. Anyone face a similar decision, and if you went the neobladder route, any regrets? thanks


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    BCG vs Bladder Removal
    I was dx'd with bladder ca in 1996. I opted for all possible alternatives rather than have bladder removal. 13 years later I still have my bladder. By having frequent cystoscopies my Urologist has been able to identify new growth inside the bladder and remove it before it spread through the bladder wall. The first treatment choice I was given way back in 1996 was BCG. I wasn't able to tolerate the treatment at all and it was discontinued midway through treatment. As an alternative, in the Spring of 2000 I was given Mytomycin-C Intravesical Chemo Therapy. It is administered the same as BCG and besides fatigue there were few side effects (no hairloss, little nausea, and some depression). Since that form of chemotherapy I have had NED (No Evidence of Disease). The cystocopies will continue for the rest of my life, and as of Dec 2008 I only have to have one done per year. I am glad that I chose to keep my bladder. I have had several unrelated types of cancer with over 20+ surgeries, and don't want to have more if I have other options available. Hope that helps...CynthiaA
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    BCG vs neobladder
    I was diagnosed in August, 2003, with same stage and grade at age 50. Looked at options, went with TURs and BCG. In Dec. 2003, had another TUR, found more growth and removed, started on BCG + Interferon. Several years of treatments later, still have my bladder, no evidence of cancer found in TUR in Feb 2004. Cystocopies have gone from 3 mos, to 4 mos., to 6 mos., with annual CT or IVP. Am now five years cancer free......the semi-annual cystocopies are small potatoes and still have my bladder.