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Well the 1st night was rough. Brian was in and out of it alot, and vomited. He had no pain cause of the epideral. The next day he started to feel pain in ih testicals as they were badly swollen. On the 3rd day the epideral came out and 5 hours later he was in extreme pain. He was having bad spasams from the catheter on the day of the surgery and still is. On the 1st day of his surgery I cried. It brough me back in time to when Brian had 1/2 a lung removed.

Now over 1 week post-op, Brian can barly move his right leg cause of pain. He can barly walk or shower or sit for long. With great difficulty we took him to a dr yesterday and the dr said there was probabaly some swelling or infection on the right side where the prostate was dug out. As that is exactly were his prostate would be. So he was give cipro 1000mg and perkacet for tha pain. Not to mention he is on Toradol and Detrol.

To top it all off he was originally give sulpher pills. After 2 days home taking tose he develoved a bad rash literaly from his sholders down to his thighs. So he was put on Benadryl 3 times a day 2 pills. And also has a bacterial rash on his inner thighs where he was sweating and when his testical were swollen and touching his thighs. So we have lamisil cream for that, that I apply 3 times a day.

Now to make even more challenging, his insision were his drain was started oozing and is infected. So now I clean that with sterile water and antibacterial soap, dab rubbing alcohol on it (he says it does not hurt) and apply Ozonal (anti-bacterial ointment) once in the mornning and before bed.

So in extreme pain on the right, cannot move his leg without help, cannot sit, or stand for more then 5 minutes at a time. Then all the rashes and wound infection. Oh yeah and his right leg has spasams when he sleeps. The pain even makes it so he cannot take care of or change his catheter.

So with all the above I usually have a very busy day. But the love I have for him is more then I could ever discribe. Doing all I do for him just lets me show him I love him and care about him. And he feels like all his dignaty is gone. Someone once suggested a cane to help him walk. When I mentioned it to Brian he got really upset. Stated that, that was the last thing he wanted was to draw attention to himself. He already is shy, embaressed, depressed, and feels he has to self control or dignity. With having to use a cane, it would just make his emotional state worse. He can walk prettey good with my help and on his own. At least that is a plus.

On Friday we see the dr and he has his 26 staples removed as well as the cathater. He is rather depressed that after the catheter is removed he has to where Attends. But I told him it is not forever. He said he is scared to have intercourse cause he could urinate. I told him there are other ways to please eachother and not to worry, it will all work out in the end.

But so far the road is rather bumpy and busy. Just glad the dr said the cancer was not in his limphnoides so it was contained. And that it all done and the surgery went fine. Now it is just all recovery.

Later all.


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    After surgery
    Not sure how to advise. My surgery was a robotic prostatectomy and I left the hospital the next day. Could have gone back to work after four weeks. I'd say hang in there with him and listen to your doctor. I am sure all will be fine in time since they got all the cancer. The pads are not bad to wear and will save lots of embarrasments. Get him the jock strap ones at Walgreens. They fit like a brief and are very comfortable. I wore mine for almost a year and now I don't anymore. As you said sex can be managed once the love is there. There might have to be some adjustments. Hang in there with him and he too must be patient, for your love and tenderness will take him through it all.
    Best wishes.