We're back......

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Arrived in Los Angeles last night (or was it afternoon...or was it next Thursday???).

The flight was uneventful, ended up getting good seats where there were just the two of us in the row...so the only one I disturbed was Hans....ROFL!

MAN! What a shock the temperature was...In Amsterdam, it was 2 degrees celcius above freezing. Sweaters and jackets and gloves on, please...In L.A...80(!)F degrees...almost did a naked dance without trying in the process of trying to remove all the hot layers!!!

We hit home, and hit bed. I'm up and rarin' to go this morning...at 4 A.M. (maybe a touch of jet lag..it's 9 hours later for me..lol!). We are making plans for returning in April to stay for longer...about 6 months, if we can swing it. We shall see...

Hugs, Kathi


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    Welcome back!
    Welcome Home! Yes, Kathi, our California weather is WAY too hot and dry, it was 85 here yesterday~ we desperately need the rain! Take time to get over the jet lag; before you know it Spring will be here and you will be winging your way back to Holland to see the crocosus(sp) and tulips. Ahhhhhhh!!!

    Glad you had an uneventful flight!

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    Glad your back and safe.

    Glad your back and safe.
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    GLAD YOU'RE BACK.......
    Glad to have you back home safe and sound. If you're missing the cold too much, you can come visit me here on the east coast where we have some brutal cold weather. LOL. Hugs, Lili

    PS. Don't you hate the jet lag? Every time I come home from Spain it takes me weeks to get back into the swing of things. LOL
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    Home again
    Welcome back Kathi, glad you made it home safely! Jet lag is a funny thing, may take a few days before you can get your body to adjust. Glad you had a wonderful time.

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    Welcome back!
    Although I have to say I am jealous of your LA weather. Here in DC, they are calling it "brutally cold." Luckily, I am working at home this week. My poor husband braves the cold every morning while I sit on the couch with a blanket and a cat cuddling next to me.

    Hope you get over jet lag soon!
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    Cool you're back!
    Hi Kathi,

    So glad you arrived back safely. Take a couple of days to deal with the jet lag. I'm glad you enjoyed your trip and are looking forward to returning. Hi-de-ho!