post simple mastectomy on 5/13/09

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Hi this is my first visit to your site. Diagnosed on 11/29/08 with .infiltrating ductal ca of the rt breast. Large >5cm tumor. Had no positive infiltrating nodes. Did adjunt chemo for 6 months then 30 rounds of radiation. During the radiation my Rt. shoulder kept getting more painful by the day/ I had to take Vicodin before I went to my treatment so I could get my arm behind my head for the treatments. The radiation doctor assured my it wasn't from the radiation.? I had several rounds of physical therapy but they said it was frozen and I have a lot of adhesions. Now 5 months later my left shoulder is chronic also. MRI showed partial tear in the labrum but not into the rotator cuff. Saw an. orthopedic doc yesterday and he injected my rt shoulder with cortisone. He knows I don't want surgery and he doesn't think so either yet. If this doesn't work he wants to put me under general anesethia and break the frozen shoulder by manipulation. This sound horrible, plus months of rehab. Anyone had this done or these kinds of shoulder problems.

I love to fish and use to golf and bowl. I pray to do that again.

Thank you for listening. SSTCLAIR


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    I've not had this done, but
    I've not had this done, but I have some experience with PT's and orthopedic doctors.

    If your PT is unable to break up the adhesions, you may want to switch to another PT. Ask around and see if there is a PT near you who specializes in joint mobilizations and scar tissue adhesions. Not all PT's are the same.

    If that doesn't work, you might want to consider that surgery to break up the adhesions. Then be sure you get a GOOD PT who knows his/her stuff with the shoulder.

    I'm a golfer, too. But haven't played since my diagnosis. Can't wait to get out there this spring. You may actually still be able to play some golf even with a frozen shoulder. May need to modify your stroke some, but I think it's doable.

    Hope your rt shoulder feels better after that injection.

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    Frozen Shoulder
    I agree with Chelle. I also had a frozen shoulder and my surgeon sent me to a therapist that was able to break up the adhesions. I questioned my therapist about manipulation under anesthesia, and he said that sometimes that does more harm than good. So, I would definitely try more sessions of therapy before going that route. I am now able to lift my arm all the way up above my head. I also golf and haven't been out on the greens since dx in June 2007. I am now doing light weight training hoping to get my arm ready for this spring. Keep us posted. Hugs, Lili