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I just had a silicone implant put in my right breast four years after my mastectomy. We did not stretch the skin with an expander as I had a skin save and it was ample enough to put in a 450cc implant (about a C cup). It is wonderful to have a breast again, but I wonder what it will feel like in the future since it is tight right now. What experiences have others had with implants? Sure would appreciate the feedback. Cathy


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    I had a bilateral mastectomy
    I had a bilateral mastectomy and had expanders put in at the same time. Expanders are very much like implants except that they are not supposed to be used for an indefinite time period, and they have a large, very firm "port" area used to put in the fluid they use for the expansion. The surgery was Dec. 21 2008. I did chemo and radiation afterward. My Plastic surgeon told me to massage both breasts frequently with lotion to soften the does help. The unradiated side felt much as it does now after 5-6 months. Now, a year later, I find that the breast on the radiated side is still more firm than the other side (as I was told it would be). The unradiated side feels very similar to the breast tissue pre-surgery, except for the port. It is soft and pliable and moves like the pre-surgery tissue did (flattens when I lie down, etc.) On the inside I am still conscious of feeling foreign matter...kind of like having scotch tape stuck to the bottom of your foot. It is not at all painful or tight, just there. I still have numbness on the surface of the skin and sometimes momentary itching...not bad. I am seeing a plastic surgeon Jan. 5 to discuss reconstruction via the DIEP procedure, but will probably not have surgery till summer because I work in Public school and that will allow me the summer to recuperate before returning to work.

    I hope this information is helpful. I know many others on this site have been there/done that and will give you great info too.