Back to normal!?

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Hi everyone,

I went back to work yesterday! I was pretty tired by the end of my shift (nursing assistant in a nursing home), but I made it. I have two more days to go, then I get a couple off. Hopefully I can make all three days of this set. It's nice to get back to normal, and in two months I get insurance through my employer again. If I can't make it through three full days, I'm sure my boss will have someone else cover my shifts. Take care everyone!



  • saundra
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    One Day at a Time
    I really admire you to be able to go back to work. You can do it little by little! (((Hugs))) Saundra
  • BonnieR
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    Dearest Colleen, I am so happy for you..thanks for sharing. God Bless You Bonnie
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    That is great news.. I'm so happy that your able to put your life back together little by little,you must be very excited. Especially the job you are doing..a CNA doesalot of heavy lifting so please be careful~~~Joanne
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    hi...congrats. getting back
    hi...congrats. getting back to work will be good for you. spread a little nice while your there!!! enjoy getting back to some semblance of normalcy