Raging Doxil Rash

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I've had my 3rd treatment of Doxil. I had 8 treatments of Carbo/Taxol.Has anyone had a bad reaction to Doxil. I am sunburned, blistered and sore all under my armpits, on my breast and under my breast. Also on my elbows.I don't dare put a bra on.I take short luke warm showers.I also use ice when I'm getting treatment.I've been using bag balm and lotion that have been prescribed to me but nothing is working, any advise would be appreciated. I have 3 more treatments to go.Thank god I have nothing on my feet or hands.
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    Raging Doxil Rash
    Oh, poor Terry,

    Yes, I have been on Doxil, in a clinical trial. It's the worst!!!!! Bonnie gave me some excellent advice, which included soaking in Ocean ? (from the pet store), and using the original Eucerin creme. I found out that you have to be super careful about pressure. I stupidly took a six hour car trip a day after a Doxil infusion, and then, of course, six hours home a few days later. The absolute worst burns on the back of my legs and hips. I hate to tell you, but the pain was pretty bad for about three months. I hated to sit down, and I almost hated to get up more. It was awful. That's been over a year ago now, and although I no longer have the pain, there is residual darkening of the skin (not really scarring). My Doxil was taken in the summer, so I was able to wear mumu's with no bra. There again, I had to learn the hard way. At first I tried wearing a bra to just go out in, but I got a horrific (very scary looking) rash in my bra area. It was awful. My heart goes out to you. I hope it works for you after going through all of that!!!! Unfortunately, it didn't work for me, and they took me off of the clinical trial. Do you also have to have an EKG before every infusion? I'm sure Bonnie will post and tell you more. I just remember how much her advice helped me. Take good care, and be very, very careful. You just can't get away with anything with Doxil. With love and hugs (ouch), MM
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    Doxil Rash
    Dear Terry, Sorry to hear about the Doxil rash. MM already gave you lots of good tips. How soon after have you taken the luke warm showers, are you waiting 8-10 days after the treatment to touch anything warm? I used rice bags from the freezer and the gel packs, also ate ice during infusion, and didn't wear a bra or anything that would rub in any areas.

    The original Eucerin Creme really helps(but need to be original) and then once I was past the time where warm things were okay, I would take a tepid bath with the instant ocean ~ it really did help. I did the sitting thing to long pmce after treatment too and got a bad spot on my buttock.

    Now make sure you let your Dr know how bad the rash is they may have a prescription creme that can help to make sure no infections.

    I know it's hard but you have to make sure, for at least a week, you don't rub or lean or warm any part of your body. Prayers to you for this heal up and the Doxil to knock the cancer back. Hugs N Prayers Bonnie
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